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Welcome to our dental clinic in Nyon.


Since 2010 our dental clinic in Nyon is offering patients at all ages general dental treatments and treatments on specialist level such as removal of wisdom teeth, placement of dental implants (implantology), bone reconstruction/augmentation, advanced root canal treatments, invisible tooth aligner (Invisalign) and dental treatments for anxious children or adults under nitrous oxide sedation or general anaesthesia (narcosis). We also provide dental hygienist treatments for adults and children.

Our working philosophy is to provide competent and skilled dental care with high quality in a friendly atmosphere. We offer our services in a modern and well-equipped environment.

New and referred patients are welcome to contact us for an appointment. We take special pride in treating patients with special needs or anxieties.


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Equipement spécialisé :
  • Microscope
  • Gaz hilarant
  • Laser
  • Narkose

NOUVEAU: Invisalign

par Tamara Perez Garcia