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Root filling therapy

(endodontic treatment)


Endodontic treatment (root filling therapy) may be needed in teeth with inflamed or infected pulps and root canals. Root filling of teeth is part of the normal range of therapies given by a dentist. However, these therapies may sometimes be technically demanding and time consuming. Root canal anatomies, especially of side teeth, may be complex and difficult to overview. Accurate technical skills, anatomical knowledge and appropriate hygiene regime is therefore important to be able to obtain good clinical outcome and prognosis of endodontic treated teeth.

A dentist with clinical speciality in endodontology (an endodontist) is trained to efficiently handle intricate root filling cases and infections from teeth affecting root surfaces and surrounding tissues. The use of a microscope and micro instruments is most of the time imperative for an endodontist to perform high-quality endodontic treatment.

Patients are usually referred by their dentist to the endodontist for root filling therapies, but it is also possible for patients to take direct contact with our dental office for a consultation.


Performed by Dr. Isabelle Portenier