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Children's dentistry

paediatric dentistry


Paediatric dentistry deals with preventive and therapeutic oral health care given to children from infancy through adolescence. A comprehensive knowledge of child psychology, development and behaviour management serves to give a more successful handling of children in a dental environment.

The main objective is to accomplish dental care for children by use of behaviour techniques that alleviate fear and anxiety, thereby establishing increased trust and cooperation between the child and the dental team.

Besides conventional restorative dentistry, attention to preventive dental care is important. Here, encouraging information/instructions both for children and parents regarding oral hygiene, use of fluorides, attention to diet and coping with oral habits may be some of the issues conferred.

Additional collaboration with a paediatrician, logopedist, anaesthesiologist (see below) and orthodontist (see below) may also be needed to accomplish a more optimal treatment plan for the child.